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Absolute Brewing Supplies are able to offer an extensive choice of hop varieties from the following countries;

United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Belgium, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, New Zealand. 

Whole Hop (Raw cones of the plant Humulus Lupulus)

With a unique combination of vacuum Packed “Freshpaks” in 5kg and 20kg packs and our comprehensive stock of over 100 different varieties from growers worldwide, all year round we can offer the UK brewers an artist’s pallet of flavours to create every type and style of beer.

Type 90 Hop Pellets (Hops milled/ground into powder then pelletised)

The most popular varieties are also stocked as Type 90 pellets. Sealed in vacuum packs, these are used in the boil for bittering or late on for aroma. They must be used in conjunction with a whirlpool or enhanced filtering system.